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Runco LightStyle™ LS-10 Projector Receives Rave Reviews

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Runco's award-winning LightStyle™ LS-10 projector is already receiving rave reviews from custom home theater integrators:

LS-10 projectorWe received the LS10i yesterday. We took it out of the box, sat it on the table, pointed at the Star Glass and took a look. The picture is absolutely amazing! That thing is a beast! It really performs well even with full daylight in the viewing room. I am really pleased! The picture really doesn't look like anything else I've seen. This combo is an absolute WOW as soon as you walk through the door - exactly what I wanted. Hat's off to Planar/Runco with this model and thanks to you guys for the help!”

- Tom Manna, Digital Home Systems, New York

Robb Report Highlights D-73d 3D Projector On List of "50 High-Tech Treats"

Friday, December 03, 2010

Robb Report recently announced "50 High-Tech Treats for the Holiday Season," which included the Runco 3Dimension Series™ D-73d 3D projector.

With buzz over which 3D TV to purchase this holiday season already making its way across the top technology review sites and blogs, consumers may wish to first stop and ponder 3D projection as an alternative that offers a variety of advantages:

  • Large-screen projection quickly turns any Hollywood masterpiece into a large-as-life fully immersive experience.
  • Bailey S. Barnard's review of the D-73d on RobbReport.com further accentuates this advantage: "It outputs 58 foot-lamberts of light to fill screens with widths as large as nearly 17 feet for standard 2-D pictures, and 29 foot-lamberts for screens with widths as large as 10 feet for 3-D."
  • The 3Dimension Series D-73d projector also offers 3D Done Right, with its proprietary CSV™ (Constant Stereoscopic Video) architecture that delivers a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion, or discomfort inherent in other approaches.
  • If enhanced brightness, quality, and large-screen realism aren't reasons enough to choose 3D projection as an option this holiday season, you can also save money on 3D glasses by going with a passive 3D projection solution. Glasses for Active 3D televisions can run up to $200 a pair, whereas Runco's 3Dimension Series ships with 6 pairs of PreciseLight™ passive glasses with additional glasses available, starting at $20 a pair.

Click here to read the full review of Robb Report's "50 High-Tech Treats."

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Sports the Killer App for 3D?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

By Jennifer Davis

I met Bryan Burns, VP of Business Development for ESPN, at the DisplaySearch USFPD Conference back in March at which we were both speaking. PC Magazine did an admirable wrap-up of his keynote in which he compared the adoption of HD to the focus they are now putting on 3D.

And he hasn’t stopped beating that drum. This month, amidst announcements from James Cameron and Jon Landau that Avatar 2 and 3 would be produced in 3D (no surprise there), Burn’s announced that “3D is a renaissance that will be fueled not by movies, but by live sports, music and comedy.” He went on to say, “the launch of HDTV wasn’t a flirtation, it’s now pretty ubiquitous, and 3D will be the same.” Read ESPN Media Zone’s full coverage here.

At his talk back in March, he mentioned that 67% of households would consider buying a “3D TV” if 3D content was readily available. This is why we have been saying for a while that 2011 is the year of 3D in the home. With the announcement of our game-changing and award-winning CSV approach to 3D, we have delivered 3D done right. So, whether it is movies or sports, as Burns proposes, Runco clients will have the best possible 3D experience!

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