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Runco Best-In-Class 3Dimension D-113d Projectors Now Available

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Runco is excited to announce the availability of its 3Dimension™ D-113d projection system. The D-113d pairs Runco’s unique, award-winning Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) approach with the optical filters and glasses of the Panavision 3D System® – which has been developed for premiere commercial cinemas. The result is the brightest CSV projection in the world, and an exceptional 3D, as well as 2D, experience for private theaters.  

Clients looking for a theater-quality experience in the luxury of their own space are often disappointed by existing 3D products in the market, finding they lack the eye-popping video quality and intense experience they expect. Runco’s D-113d is the only projector on the market that features the spectral filtration technology of the Panavision 3D System. In the Panavision 3D System, the entire visible spectrum is sliced into ten slim bands – with five directed to the left eye and five to the right. This results in each eye receiving the same amount of total white light energy, so the images appear equal in brightness and provide the truest color reproduction.

Runco pairs the Panavision 3D System with is award-winning, proprietary CSV architecture—a vastly-superior approach to 3D visualization. Runco CSV enables seamless decoding, syncing and merging of stereo images to deliver a constant HD image to each eye without the flicker, distortion, or discomfort inherent in other approaches.

For the press release, click here.

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