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Repost: CEDIA 2011: The Video Stuff (pt. 1)

Monday, September 26, 2011

By: John Sciacca

September 26, 2011

Runco used to be a spectacle or Circus Maximus at CEDIA. They would pair with giant speaker, amp, wire, seating and acoustical treatment partners to build these themed cities where they would put on million dollar plus demos that would often have hour-plus waits to get inside. Seriously, the Runco booth was like the Space Mountain attraction at Disneyland. And my press badge was like the Fast Pass.

Now, Runco only has a small presence on the showfloor, instead sending dealers up to a darkened viewing room where they can get group demos of the new products. I attended their press conference on Friday and am glad that I did. Last year Runco wowed me with their D-73d, what I called (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t feel like looking up my exact quote), “The best, most eye-comfortable 3D at the Show.” This feeling was reaffirmed when I flew out to Runco’s Oregon HQ and spent an entire 8 hour day watching/reviewing the D-73d. From an eye-fatigue standpoint, the D-73d is about as easy on the eyes as 2D.

So, I was told to expect something even more awesome but along the same lines at this year’s show. So I dutifully headed out of the Resi Daily room and starting walking. And walking. And walking. Then I saw this:


Finally though I reached the Sagamore Ballroom and settled in to see a giant-ass 215-inch wide screen. This was a serious screen for some serious movie watching. And then the lights went down and Runco unleashed the D-113d.

This is the brightest projector that Runco has ever produced, capable of blasting out 11,570 lumens and probably incinerating any flying bugs that might foolishly cross its beam path. Even on this giant screen -- and showing perhaps the only CEDIA demonstration of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ever -- the image was like an awesomely ultra-bright, double-fisted retina punch! I fully expected to see people that stupidly turned around to look back into the supernova sun blast of the lens to have their eyes catch on fire and burn out of their sockets Raiders of the Lost Ark style. (Best...Press...Conference....EVER!) This thing was AMAZINGLY bright. How bright? How about 100 foot lambers on that 215-inch screen bright! Imagine if there was a 20-cell Mag-Lite. Then imagine if you focused that beam down until it was like a lightsaber of light intensity. That would still probably not be as bright as this. Oh. And PS: it still had awesome contrast and black levels.

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