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Runco Raises the Bar on Luxury

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010
By Pippa Edelen

Are you one of the lucky few who have access to first-run film content? Runco has you covered. For the lucky few who get encrypted digital films delivered to their homes so they can enjoy movies in their private theaters without the hoi polloi, Runco offers its new Digital Cinema Concierge. Pairing the best in digital projection with a proprietary Runco DCMS (Digital Cinema Media Server), Runco creates a one-of-a-kind solution for each private theater - totally custom and totally built to spec. Even if you're not rubbing elbows with the largest studios in the world. the Runco Digital Concierge offers the highest end of luxury projection, with 2K resolution with 2D and a host of 3D options, including Dolby 3D. In short, luxury has simply never looked better. Learn more at http://www.runco.com/products/digital-cinema-concierge.

World Cup Fever - Have You Caught It?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blogs, Facebook, Twittersphere and the traditional news outlets lit up this morning for the start of the World Cup. The audience statistics are staggering. 26 million people are estimated to watch some part of the games. One in ten people on the planet (yes, on the entire planet) are expected to be watching the final live. How will you enjoy the World Cup? A Runco favorite is sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying every moment on a weather-proof CP-52HD outdoor TV. Catch the fever!


You May Be a Home Theater Snob If...

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 

By guest blogger John Sciacca of John Sciacca Writes
June 9, 2010

In most things, I have a pretty strong opinion, and those opinions are often only slightly more flexible than the rock face of Half Dome. And if we talk long enough, at some point, you’re likely to experience a stream of consciousness so honest (OK, so brutally honest) that it might feel refreshing – like a backhanded pimp slap. This is probably why I have a small – but fairly loyal – band of friends, and that my dropout rate of making new friends would likely shame the SEAL teams.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m kind of weird about where I eat. Well, I’m even weirder about where I watch movies.

You see, I love watching movies. I waited and saved and plotted and finally got a home theater of my own that is so awesome, I still can’t believe it’s mine. When I’m not watching my 60-inch Plasma, it’s because I’m watching my 115-inch widescreen! My SuperCube Trinity subwoofer plays so low and so loud, that I’m secretly hoping that one day I’ll stumble across the Brown note. So, when it comes to watching a new movie, I don’t want to sully the experience by viewing it in a crappy environment. This unequivocally makes me a theater snob, and it’s a title I wear with no shame whatsoever.

Now, it’s not that I don’t like to get together with friends. I do! And if you want to hang out and watch some TV (assuming it’s a show I’m not interested in) or an old movie (that hasn’t been or isn’t scheduled to be re-released on Blu-ray any time soon) then, sure, I’d love to come and hang out! Now, I know I’m not alone here. So, if you’ve ever said (or just thought or wanted to say) any of these things before agreeing to see  a movie at someone else’s house, then rest assured; you’re a home theater snob too!  Welcome…friend! (There, see how quick I can make new ones!)

You are a home theater snob if: You worry about the shape of your host's TV.
If their TV is square, then I don’t care. Doesn’t really matter what else you think you have going on with your system; if your TV isn’t even widescreen, then you’ve already lost me. Also, if you don’t know whether your set is or isn’t HD, I’m gonna error on the side of caution and just let it be.

You are a home theater snob if: You worry about the size of the TV.
I don’t care what Cosmo said, size DOES matter. You might have the greatest 37-inch TV in the world, but when you said “thirty” and “seven” I started ooking over your shoulder to see what other people were talking about. Seriously, unless your mouth starts forming the Ssss of “sixty” or “seventy,” I’m probably washing my hair that night.

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