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Turquoise is the New Black

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In an excerpt from Tones newsletter from Pantone, the write "Long associated with the talismanic jewelery of the American Southwest and the tropical Caribbean waters, turquoise suggests journeys both spiritual and physical. In a year when we'd all like to escape, even if only a fantasy, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise was a natural choice for our Color of the Year 2010."

Turquoise has extended its soothing yet invigorating reach into quite unexpected places this year - from footwear to housewares. One such example is Runco Cool, one of the 13 signature colors in the Runco ColourPalette. Imagine an art deco-inspired room with crisp shades of white and gray and a gorgeous Runco flat panel bespeaking elegance surrounding by the vivid turquoise in Runco Cool. Makes for quite an inspired room. Have you spotted turquoise lately?

Toy Story 3: Kid-tested, Grandmother-Approved 3D

Friday, July 09, 2010

Posted July 9. 2010 by Jennifer Davis
Last week, I loaded the kids, nieces, and Grandma up to go to see Toy Story 3 in 3D.  The small theater in their hometown in West Texas only had only 3D auditorium, outfitted with RealD® and a Harkness® silver screen. 


Grandma had never seen a movie in 3D and was pretty apprehensive.  She was convinced that she’d have a horrible experience based on previous car sickness episodes and what she had heard from my aunt, who literally got sick after Avatar.  We got to the theater early, so that I could find her a seat in the optimal spot for viewing.  We settled in to the row for the show to start.  I must say the kids looked adorable in their petite-sized glasses (which I was thankful for, as not all theaters offer them).  The show started soon enough and once the preview for “Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” started, I had my four-year old on my lap.


Toy Story 3 is a cute story with too many sub-plots to outline here.  It introduces us (and the aisles at Target) to a whole new cast of merchandisable characters.  My least favorite was probably the Ken doll (voiced by decidedly un-metrosexual Michael Keaton), who vacillated between shrewd cruelty and bubble-gum perkiness, but what can you expect from a toy that Mr. Potato Head called an “accessory.  A walking handbag.”  The movie had a scary part when…okay, I won’t spoil your fun, but when I asked my daughter what she liked about the movie, she did tell me that she liked “all of it…except for the lava.”


At the end of the movie, Grandma was fine.  The eyes took a bit of adjustment, but she seemed no worse for the 3D wear.  The 3D was pretty subtle (adding depth not in-your-face antics) and didn’t really take away from the story (as it has been known to do).  The kids probably would have enjoyed the movie just as much (and probably my preschooler might have enjoyed it more) in 2D, but it was a fun family outing that kept us out of the muggy Texas heat and allowed us all to play one last time and say our good-byes to some of the most beloved movie characters of all times.

~Jennifer B. Davis is all about technology innovation and is a customer advocate, business executive, mom, and loves her job as Runco’s VP of marketing.

The Fraternity of the Light Benders

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

By Jennifer B. Davis

As we have been busy with new product development at Runco, I have been struck by an idea. As a custom display company (across multiple technologies and applications) our job is to wrangle light. We work hard to spread it out evenly across the face of the Runco Crystal Series™ flat panel displays or a Runco WindowWall™ array. We create and direct light in the XP plasma displays. We bend the light to achieve maximum efficiency and performance in front projection. We shape and combine light to achieve the unbelievable colors of the QuantumColor™ Q-750 family and we enhance it to achieve the brightness of the VideoXtreme™ VX-33d. We apply our expertise to deliver an incredible video experience with the Runco Digital Cinema Concierge Service™. We spend all day discerning light, manipulating light, and bending light to our will, so that you can have the best entertainment experience in your home.

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