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Open Response to rAVe Publications post: "A Contrarian's View of the 3-D Craze"

Monday, January 24, 2011

By Jennifer Davis

In response to the blog post by Dawn Meade with rAVe Publications on "A Contrarian's View of the 3-D Craze":

Dawn, I applaud your willingness to be a voice of a reason in a world gone mad for 3D! I, too, was a debater and orator and know the importance of sorting truly persuasive facts from hype. It was this same thought that caused us to think long and hard before developing and launching a 3D projection system for the home. Runco is a manufacturer of high-end visualization systems and a pioneer in home theater and we couldn’t risk our reputation on chasing a fad.

However, we knew (in part because of our parent company’s (Planar) ground-breaking work in 3D metrology and professional stereoscopic applications) that there were ways to consistently deliver more compelling and comfortable 3D. But it isn’t easy. It requires a commitment to not chase “lowest common denominator” 3D solutions. It has required significant R&D investment and a great deal of dealer and client education. However, we believed that striving for “3D done right” was worth the effort.

To do it right required an understanding of the physiology of stereopsis and the development of an integrated system that works with it, not against it. The ill effects (literally “ill”) that are caused by bad 3D are preventable. And our solution delivers both a compelling 2D experience, as well as 3D to allow maximum flexibility.

Throughout the debate, we must not forget that virtual 3D is an optical illusion. Just like any magic show, it might not be possible to fool every eye all the time, but there are best practices and proven approaches that trick your brain into seeing depth that isn’t really there. Those products and approaches are worthy of the market enthusiasm.

For more information on how to evaluate good 3D, including an introduction to 3D in the home and important evaluation criteria, download a copy of Runco's guide to stereoscopic video.

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