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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The “Interactive Video Backsplash” is a demonstration of the latest in display technology coupled with a complete home control system.   Imagine a backsplash that can be any image or video that you choose (select from a standard tile backsplash,  a video of ocean waves, a collage of your personal photos, or a mixture of all of the above).  The backsplash also has the capacity to display live TV, DVD/Blu-Ray, computer or any other source of material.  Optionally, the backsplash could be a touch-screen interface allowing you to interact with the various systems including control of music, lighting, security, HVAC, window blinds and security cameras. You can even see who is at the front door.


A typical use might be that while you are cooking, you have your backsplash as a set of photographs that is slowly transitioning from one scene to the next.  At the  same time a smaller window within the backsplash might contain the recipe (with photographs) of the meal you are cooking (or a YouTube video demonstrating the method of cooking).  You can even  have another area of the screen to do your email, see updates on Facebook, or catch those tweets coming in.  Finally, by adding a small camera to the system, the entire screen could become a Skype/Facetime monitor such that you could have face to face conversations. When you are not cooking the images can be changed to suit the mood. Imagine having all these possibilities while entertaining!  This amazing concept was developed by Canadian integrators Architronics and Ariel Muller Designs.

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