Runco Crystal Portfolio™ CX-70DHD Display

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Runco Crystal Portfolio™ CX-70DHD Display

Product description

Following the longstanding tradition of providing the finest custom theater products, Runco proudly offers its largest LCD screen, the new Crystal Portfolio™ CX-70DHD. The Runco CX-70DHD is a native 1080p LCD display that is ideal for rooms of distinction where a large screen size is desired, but where ambient light makes front projection difficult and the glare of a plasma screen simply unacceptable. In addition to its exceptional contrast ratio and superb gray scaling for true-to-life image quality, the CX-70DHD features the ISF™ (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite, including day and night modes for an optimal picture in the most challenging lighting conditions. The display’s elegant black bezel matches any room décor.

Designed exclusively for discriminating tastes, the CX-70DHD is the first flat panel LCD to feature Runco’s proprietary external DHD™ video controller/processor. The DHD not only incorporates Runco’s exclusive advanced Vivid™ digital video processing technology to achieve the highest level of image fidelity, but it also enhances standard-definition digital and NTSC content to near high-definition quality. Ideal for large rooms with ambient light and windows, the CX-70DHD LCD screen is simply stunning.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 1920 x 1080 (16:9), high-definition native resolution
  • Advanced external DHD Controller/Processor with Vivix III™ processing
  • VirtualWide™ mode converts 4:3 images to 16:9 without loss of image integrity
  • Two HDMI inputs with HDCP
  • ISF™ calibration settings
  • RS-232 and IR control
  • Meets FCC Class A Certification

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