Runco Climate Portfolio™ CP-42HD Outdoor Display

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Runco Climate Portfolio™ CP-42HD Outdoor Display

Product description

The Runco CP-42HD is a 42-inch native 1080p high-definition widescreen LCD display that utilizes advanced 1080p LCD technology to withstand the elements.

The Runco CP-42HD flat panel LCD display’s enclosure has been engineered for maximum durability ensuring protection from adverse environmental conditions including temperature, exposure to moisture, dust, oils, and intermittent direct water spray. The aluminum cabinet is sealed to ensure protection from the elements and features a specially-designed internal ventilation system to provide adequate cooling. Furthermore, this Runco flat panel uniquely offers Runco’s ThermoCare™ internal thermostat activates a cooling system, regardless of whether the TV is on or off, to protect and cool the display in hot temperatures. As a result, the Runco CP-42HD surpasses IP56 weather proof standards, which will allow you to leave it outside year round, without worry . Best of all, the Runco CP-42HD LCD display is surrounded by the same elegant look and styling that distinguish all Runco flat panel displays, assuring you the display is as impressive to look at when it's turned off.

Installation options are limited only by the imagination. Patios, barbeques, gazebos, pools, hot tubs, gardens, tennis courts, putting greens: literally anywhere you want amazing video in a sleek flat-panel design.

The CP-42HD is a Runco, so expect all the custom-friendly features standard from the brand that prides itself in providing world’s finest home theater products. Featuring Runco’s exclusive Vivix™ video processing for outstanding imagery, artifact-free scaling and pristine reproduction of both native film and native video formats. Custom installation capabilities include an RS-232 automation interface with discrete on/off, input selection and aspect ratio control.

A wide variety of inputs are offered for gaming, internet surfing and other computer activities. The Runco CP-42HD has an exceptionally wide viewing angle to make enjoyment possible for a large number of viewers with widely-dispersed seating positions.

Runco invites you to enjoy the world of true luxury outdoor living with its CP-42HD.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Legendary Runco video performance and Vivix™ video processing integrated into a sleek, elegant weather-proof design
  • Runco ThermoCare™ internal thermostat to protect the display from harsh weather
  • Native 1080p HD resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Connects seamlessly to any digital source and easily integrates into all home and outdoor automation
  • Surpasses IP56 weatherproof standards

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