Color Palette

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Runco understands that color plays a significant role in any home. To create the perfect synergy between color and technology, Runco has created its ColourPalette custom paint offerings for its displays. Comprised of 13 fantastic colors that enhance nearly every décor, Runco now offers its extensive line of home theater projectors*, plasma displays and LCD displays in each of these spectacular hues. Beyond Runco’s custom palette, we also offer exact color matching from any fabric, paint or surface to ensure your display fits seamlessly with your room’s décor. Finally, technology combines elements of design to be a flawless addition to today’s luxury home.

The colors you see in print collateral and on our website may not look the same as the color delivered on your Runco product. Our goal is your ColourPalette selection, designed by Runco, is everything you envisioned for your home.

To best view colors here, we recommend setting your computer's screen resolution to 1024x768 pixels or higher and your color quality to 32 bit. Both settings can be adjusted under Control Panel on your computer.

Even after updating your computer settings colors displayed on your screen can still be impacted by monitor, operating systems, web browser and the light in the room. Colors that appear on the screen and in print-outs from the website may not match the Runco ColourPalette. Runco can provide a sample so you know exactly what your choice will look like on the exact material of your Runco product. Runco samples are included with each color match option and are optional when selecting from Runco’s ColourPalette.

Along with Runco Signature colors we can color match any color from Sherwin-Williams. Try ColorSnap® for iPhone a new application offered by Sherwin-Williams for free to better match real-world colors with paint colors offered by Sherwin-Williams.

*Not available on the Runco LS-3, LS-5 or LS-7