Calibrate Good Times

Monday, June 20, 2011

My uncle is a cabinet maker by trade – he’s an artist with woodworking. He’s said to me, “With every project you stick to the plans exactly... until after you’ve made the first cut.” What he means is that plans are a fantastic tool that must be in place, but getting into the project starts changing the plans almost immediately. From the beginning on it’s about varying the plans to fit the reality of the situation. The same could be said for any creative, artistic endeavor. Reality demands flexibility.

No matter how good we make Runco displays and projectors (and they are the best in the world), just the fact that you take it into your home changes everything. The ambient light, the color of your walls, the size of your room and so many other variables affect the artistry of displaying beautiful images in your home theater. All of the plans that were so helpful at the beginning, now need to be adjusted to match with the reality of your set-up.

Calibration allows each Runco display and projector to be finely tuned to its new home so that you will see the absolute best image quality. The Imaging Science Foundation has developed standards for calibration that require intensive training and expensive equipment, and the reality is that you won’t get a better viewing experience from your display than with a professional calibration. Your local Runco authorized dealer can provide you with top-notch, in-home calibration tailored to your exact situation. If you have a home theater room with controlled lighting for a consistent environment you won’t find a better solution than fine-tuned, professional calibration services.

But you’re not always in a home theater with the windows blacked out and the lights turned down. Sometimes you want to watch TV in your living room, but that means the light from windows and lamps is constantly changing. Not to worry, Runco has you covered with the LightStyle™ Series DLP projectors. They’re designed to give beautiful high-definition performance in a variety of lighting situations.

To start off, they keep the blacks black using SuperOnyx™ technology with ConstantContrast™. So, instead of seeing washed-out grey during the day and squint-inducing darkness at night, the image is consistently adjusted for the right level of contrast for the lighting conditions. Next, Runco has integrated ISF calibration right into the projector, so you can calibrate the projector yourself. More than that, there are memory settings for both day and night-time ISF calibrations so no matter what the ambient light is like, you’ll still get amazing video quality. We meet the reality of your life with the flexibility of on-board calibration. The artistry of video projection receives its finishing touches in your home.

Runco's D-73d Projector Receives Rave Detailed Review from UltimateAVmag.com

Monday, June 13, 2011

Runco D-73dScott Wilkinson's 4-part review the Runco D-73d 3D projector for UltimateAVmag.com covers a detailed analysis of the specs, technology, and features of the projector in addition it's overall performance during his hands-on test at Runco's training facility in Beaverton, OR.

Highlights include Wilkinson's evaluation of the lampless LED Infinilight™ Technology that powers the light source of the D-73d, the unique two projection engine system, the color features of the projector (including the Personal Color Equalizer), the brightness, black levels and contrast, as well as a review of general performance while the D-73d was put to the test with a showing of Avatar, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monsters vs. Aliens, Grand Canyon Adventure and a number of other quality 3D movies.

The results? Wilkinson had great things to say about the overall quality and performance of Runco's D-73d projector:

"...the 3D experience provided by this projector is unsurpassed by anything I've seen for the home and even in most commercial cinemas..."

Check out Scott Wilkinson's full, four-part review of the D-73d on UltimateAVmag.com:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Your Personal Film Set

Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10, 2011

“We refer to our house as a film set without the film.” – Fashion Designer Liza Bruce

You stage the action of your life in your home. It should be as evocative as a film set, creating the environment that allows you to live your lifestyle. The right props. The right finishes. The right lighting. The right equipment to enable you to orchestrate and fully-utilize the space to deliver the optimum feeling and functionality.

This is where Runco comes in. Not only to do we provide the highest-quality, hand-crafted video equipment for your home, but we allow personalization options like FinishPalette™ and ColourPalette™ to turn that equipment into artifacts that add to the texture and life of your home.

And unlike other decorative objects in your home, your Runco projector or flat panel display is practical. It allows you to actually bring “film” onto your “film set” in so many ways. For consuming entertainment content developed by leading studios. For watching sports or live events. Or perhaps for discovering content from your favorite independent movie maker – you!

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