Just In Time For Football Season

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FinishPalette Design
By Pippa Edelen

I am an enormous fan of college football. I plan my Saturdays each fall around my beloved UO Duck games (for those of you who aren’t living within the reaches of the Pac-10 – err, Pac-12? - you likely know the University of Oregon less for its football and more for its completely radical, albeit somewhat unconventional, uniforms). In my house, nothing is better than waking up early Saturday to watch ESPN Gameday, especially when they are in Eugene, then catching the games on the East Coast, watching my Ducks later that afternoon followed by lazy Sunday nights to see the latest BCS rankings. My husband grew up in Texas, went to A&M and loves his Cowboys, so pigskin is dominant every weekend and holiday, from now through January, in our house.

OSU FinishPalette DesignOver the last few years we’ve amassed every UO, A&M and Cowboy piece of team merchandise you can think of, from coolers to pajamas. But today marks the dawn of an entirely new way for us to show-off our support – Runco’s FinishPalette projectors. Because my love of Oregon would likely trump my husband’s fanaticism for America’s Team and the Aggies, we’ll be getting a new LightStyle projector complete with UO colors and logo. And while seeing the examples on the FinishPalette website is really nice, nothing is as impressive as seeing a painted sample in the flesh. I was sold on getting a UO projector after I saw the first sample we had at Runco, which featured Ohio State. As a Duck fan licking my wounds from our recent Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State, it’s no small feat that OSU merchandise could convince me of anything. But the finish is truly so gorgeous and so much fun (my husband even likes the UT version) that it will make any sports fan want to see his colors on a projector. In case you’re not a UO, A&M or Dallas Cowboys fan the FinishPalette offering has more than 60 top NCAA schools and can color match any team. FinishPalette is the ultimate piece of merchandise for the true sports fan. Oh yeah, and beyond the really amazing finish and homage to your team, nothing beats flawless HD football on a 108” (or larger) screen all day Saturday and all day Sunday. After all, the Runco LightStyle LS-5 is more than just a pretty trophy wife and delivers a stellar image. Are you ready for some football?

Runco Dealer Electronic Essentials Wins EH Publishing Award

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010, from Electronic House featuring Runco Dealer Electronic Essentials in Vancouver, WA

Electronic rock reveals a hidden home theater.

A home theater should have at least one element that really wows its audience. It could be an enormous Cinemascope screen or an audio system hat rattles the rafters. Dimmable lighting can heighten the anticipation of viewing the latest blockbuster film, and elevated seating is one of the best ways to evoke a sense of being inside a real movie theater. The 15-by-18-square-foot Home Cinema room has all of the above, but what really has their friends’ tongues wagging, says John Vandruff of Electronic Essentials, Vancouver, Wash., is the switch that’s built into the surface of a massive stone fireplace in the owners’ gentleman’s parlor. Neither guests nor the homeowners can see the switch—not that it’s much to look at. That’s because it’s connected to and hidden behind one of the stones within the fireplace façade. When pressed, this “secret” stone throws the switch which signals a motorized arm to open a door to the theater. Like the stone, the door is indiscernible, having been integrated into the wooden wall paneling of the parlor.

“There is absolutely no indication that a theater exists beyond the walls of the parlor,” says Vandruff. “And once visitors are inside [the door shuts automatically after being open for eight seconds], no one would ever know there were people inside.”

The hidden door has a lot to do with this; so does the room’s level of soundproofing. By way of house design, room design, special construction techniques, and acoustical materials, a collaboration between the Architect Blondino Design, the builder Tamarack Homes, and Electronic Essentials. They were able to greatly reduce the sound transfer to the rest of the house “When the door shuts you can hear a pin drop,” says Vandruff. “When the 9.2 surround-sound system is playing at a normal volume level, nobody in the rest of the house other than the parlor can hear it.”

However, people in the parlor can see what’s playing in the Theater room on the 110” Stewart Filmscreen CinemaScope screen if they wish. An Elan distribution system routes HD video from the house components racked in a nearby closet to both the Runco CineWide RS-900 projector in the theater.

Showroom Triple-Play

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Posted By Jennifer B. Davis

New showroom opening, clients and partners, combined with an impressive showing from the consumer electronics press to create a fantastic event at the Runco Dealer, S.E.A.L. Solutions showroom in Long Island, New York on April 8th. Not only did they roll out a new showroom for their clients and partners, but Chris Wylie also was able to preview a new collection of theater designs and accessories from the legendary, charming, and inspirational, Theo Kalomirakis from TKTheaters. The theater installed in the showroom was made complete with a Runco QuantumColor Q-750 complete with a CineWide and Autoscope set-up for the viewing of video content in a wide variety of formats.

It was my pleasure to introduce Theo and help introduce the packed house to the possibilities in their homes. I was reminded of Chris’ fine work on Liam Neeson and the late Natasha Richardson’s media room, where Chris’ design transforms their space from a family room, to entertaining space, to theater with ease. It was heartwarming to hear stories of how the talented and lovely Natasha made the installation team peanut butter and jelly sandwiches since she was afraid they were working too hard and might be hungry. Runco and everyone who knew her still mourn her tragic, accidental death.

My favorite question of the night was from one of the videographers on hand who took me aside to ask my advice. “Do you have products just for dedicated theaters, like the one here, or are there other options? What do I do if I don’t have the space or budget for a theater?” To which I responded, “In that case, you do the same thing that you would do if you wanted and could afford a dedicated theater…you call an authorized Runco dealer, like Chris, who can advise and design a system that meets your needs, your standards, and your budget.” Whether your room has lots of natural light and high ceilings or if it is a window-less basement with fixed concrete walls, every space can present design and technical constraints and our dealers are ready and capable of designing solutions.

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~Jennifer B. Davis is all about technology innovation and is a customer advocate, business executive, mom, and loves her job as Runco’s VP of marketing.

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