What to Watch Opening Night

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

 What to watch on opening night?

As we approach the final installation of our home theater, excitement is growing.  We chose a Runco QuantumColor Q-750d projector for the room.  An impressive video product worthy of all the awards and industry attention is has received.  It is quiet, consumes a fraction of the power of similar systems, and is lamp-free for years (literally) of maintenance-free enjoyment.  It is chock full with entertainment possibilities.

As we march towards our own opening night, we are debating what we should watch first.  What will be on the marquee for the first night in the new home theater?

Here are some of the options we’ve considered:

Avatar:  As the highest grossing movie of all time, it would be a logical choice for the christening of our home theater.  But box office success isn’t the only reason.  The colors that James Cameron and his team of cinema artists achieved in the film were spectacular.  In the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) color space of the commercial theater, the foliage and landscapes of Pandora, not to mention the blue skin, popped off the screen.  When I saw the movie, I immediately recognized how awesome it would look on the Q-750d and its Infinilight illumination system.  Nothing beats this 3-LED illumination system which can achieve DCI and Adobe RGB color space, as well as making every movie in REC-709 show brilliantly!  The Runco SmartColor™ huge compensation curve and gamut mapping allow a larger color gamut to be used without affecting skin tones and grayscales.  Movies, like Avatar, would look vibrant without all the characters looking like cartoons (or sunburned).  The proprietary Personal Color Equalizer™ allows us even more color personalization. Avatar is certainly going to be a great choice for the theater.

Cars:  A long-time favorite with our kids, this Disney-Pixar movie is getting renewed market attention because of the opening of the rides in the Disneyland California Adventure theme park.  The reason that it makes my list is those opening scenes where the hero of the story, Lightning McQueen, is giving himself a pep talk in his trailer.  The scene is completely black and then cuts to bright colored racing scenes in his imagination.  This switch between bright and dark scenes is where the QuantumColor line performs incredibly.  The LEDs literally turn off leaving the black levels so inky dark the contrast ratio can hardly be measured.  The effect of this in a dark room is that the screen completely disappears.  This would be a great movie to share with our kids and friends and family.  I expect their reaction to be exactly like the Runco resellers when we first showed it at CEDIA, and their countless clients since then, who have been blown away by this effect.

Skyfall:  This latest James Bond installment is a favorite of the boys of my family and would be a great movie to watch in our home theater.  The intense action scenes would be life-size on our Stewart StudioTek 130 110” screen.  And the dark scenes, of which there are many, could be discerned.  Scenes where the screen is mainly dark, but with points of light (like some of the outdoor night scenes) would be incredible.  The lights would appear to realistically glow, just like we were really there on the Cliffside.  Although too intense for our younger family members and friends, this is certainly a possibility.

What other ideas do you have?  Considering the ideas above or other movies that you have seen on the Runco QuantumColor, what would you recommend?

Visit Runco on Facebook and tell us your thoughts.  I’ll report out our final choice in a future blog post.


Runco Broadens Award-Winning LightStyle Series with High Bright LS-10HBd Projector

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Introducing the new Runco® LightStyle LS-10HBd projector. Part of Runco’s award winning LightStyle Series, the LS-10HBd creates stunning video at a scale unattainable by other display types. It will provide homeowners exceptional entertainment value without compromising video quality or scale.

With its 3-chip, 1080p design and stunning brightness, the LS-10HBd opens up new projections possibilities in the home. The incredible brightness, along with the ISF™ Day and Night modes of the LS-10HBd, make it possible for families to truly get the most from their DVDs and Blu-ray® discs, television programming, internet video, and computer-based media and spectacular sizes, without compromising the room’s design or décor.

Runco spotted on TV!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Recently we’ve noticed a few Runco products popping up on TV. Go Runco! Check it out!

HGTV ‘”You Live in What”
[Runco CL 610 Projector]

CNBC (on a commercial advertisement)
[Runco XP Panel]

PBS “This Old House”
[Runco PL-61DHD Plasma Monitor] 

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