The Genuine Fight

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

I was reading a post from a favorite blogger of mine recently who referenced an interview with furniture designer, George Nakashima. He lamented that “it requires a genuine fight to product one well-designed object of relatively permanent value.” This is so true.

At Runco we take pride in our craftsmanship, even if that means that things take a bit longer to deliver than big-box commodity equivalents (something George called “the flood of consumer goods” in 1962). It takes a genuine fight to defend the simplicity, the quality, and the uncommon performance of great design.

George’s designs are very organic, reusing bits of wood to create profiles inspired by nature. We use materials like metal, glass, and, of course, elegant designs of our circuit boards and software to create well-designed objects that have distinct value. While electronics aren’t permanent, due to evolving standards and innovations over time, a Runco product does reflect the passion of our clients and customers for the fight for excellence.

Everyone is Thinking in Curves

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Jennifer Davis

Copenhagen D-73dRunco's dedication to developing the finest home theater solutions doesn't stop at quality and performance. We spend extensive time researching the latest trends in architecture and design, as well as the contributions of avant-garde designers and luxury retailers to develop products that match the eclectic and custom style of our customers. It is through this process that we developed Runco's Copenhagen™ industrial design, which features beautiful curves and a sleek, elegant chassis that is a nod to some of the most impressive modern and traditional architecture developed today.

One Jackson Square

An example of this unique and curvaceous architecture can be seen with One Jackson Square in Manhattan New York. Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates transformed this former surface parking lot into an AIA Honor Award-winning building that Kelly Minner of ArchDaily.com best describes as, "undulating bands of glass” that create a “ribbon-like series of convexities and concavities along the street wall."

One Jackson Square's modern and sustainable architecture was also featured in a number of publications including the New York Times, Modern Luxury, Avenue Magazine, Greenopia, The Architects Newspaper, Robb Report, The New York Post, Elite Traveler, and many others. Every single one of the building's 35 residences needs a Signature Cinema SC-50d, the 3Dimension D-73d, or a QuantumColor Q-1500d in Runco’s new Copenhagen industrial design that mirrors the wave-like curves of this architectural masterpiece (click the “Vision” or “Residences: Photo Gallery” links to see more pictures).

Getty Museum

Once you look for curves in architecture and design you start to see them everywhere. This is a photo I took at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The Getty Center sits on a hilltop in the Santa Monica Mountains and architect Richard Meier took his inspirations from the surrounding view of the Pacific Ocean, the nearby San Gabriel Mountains and the vast street-grid of the city to highlight both nature and culture in his design of the complex.

As we continue to research the most artistic and compelling designs for our products, we encourage you to keep an eye out in your own community for stunning examples of modern and traditional designs that inspire you and to send us your comments on how we can continue to deliver quality solutions that are geared to your custom home theater needs.

Beautiful Spaces

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

By Jennifer B. Davis

Although both sit in your garage and can take you places, there is a huge difference between a Ferrari and an entry-level commuter car. There is a market for luxury automobiles. And there are custom-designed garage flooring and car maintenance supplies that keep those luxury automobiles in tip-top shape.

Although both will technically keep your beverages cold, a Sub-Zero® fridge is a world away from its apartment-grade equivalent. There is a market for high-end, professional-grade appliances. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to spend more on a built-in outdoor kitchen barbecue than they do for a stove or more for a climate-controlled wine room than they do for a refrigerator.

In other areas of the home, opportunity exists for new brands and solutions to create new lifestyle opportunities in the home: for everyday living and entertaining. There are luxury furniture brands, performance sports equipment, and luxury fabrics and finishes that set apart the upper tier of residences. They help reflect the passions and personality of their owners and reflect on their tastes and priorities.

Yet sadly, the homeowners that appreciate finer brands and high-performance durable goods in their homes and garages often settle for mass-market video products for entertainment purposes. These products often do not reflect the tastes or passions of the homeowner. Runco is poised to change this.

Beautiful and unique spaces call for unique and specialized video. Runco’s legendary product performance, pioneering in home theater and entertainment for several decades, creates new ways to live and play in your home. Combined with Design by Runco™ options, we have created new ways to feel beautiful in your home. Beautiful spaces demand nothing less.

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