Sports the Killer App for 3D?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

By Jennifer Davis

I met Bryan Burns, VP of Business Development for ESPN, at the DisplaySearch USFPD Conference back in March at which we were both speaking. PC Magazine did an admirable wrap-up of his keynote in which he compared the adoption of HD to the focus they are now putting on 3D.

And he hasn’t stopped beating that drum. This month, amidst announcements from James Cameron and Jon Landau that Avatar 2 and 3 would be produced in 3D (no surprise there), Burn’s announced that “3D is a renaissance that will be fueled not by movies, but by live sports, music and comedy.” He went on to say, “the launch of HDTV wasn’t a flirtation, it’s now pretty ubiquitous, and 3D will be the same.” Read ESPN Media Zone’s full coverage here.

At his talk back in March, he mentioned that 67% of households would consider buying a “3D TV” if 3D content was readily available. This is why we have been saying for a while that 2011 is the year of 3D in the home. With the announcement of our game-changing and award-winning CSV approach to 3D, we have delivered 3D done right. So, whether it is movies or sports, as Burns proposes, Runco clients will have the best possible 3D experience!

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Love 3D Glasses!

Monday, November 22, 2010

By Jennifer B. Davis

As manufacturers, broadcasters, and movie makers have created a frenzy around 3D, many consumers have been complaining about the glasses. Why are they bulky? Why are they expensive? Why are they not interoperable? Why do they have to wear them at all? Below are our top three reasons why you would want to wear 3D glasses.

As you know, Runco offers several types of 3D, ranging from our premium Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) approach used on the 3Dimension™ D-73d 3D projector to the Active 3D solution available with several models, including the Signature Cinema™ SC-50d and SC-60d. For the purposes of this article, I’ll focus my comments on the CSV approach and the related PreciseLight™ passive glasses that are utilized in this architecture.

3. Commitment
“Any time you are able to improve your engagement of your product, it becomes a more valuable product and your business gets stronger,” proposed Dan Ronayne, the executive vice president and general manager of MSG Networks (as quoted in Street & Smith’s SportsBusiness Journal earlier this year). In other words, the more homeowners commit and engage with the content they are watching at home, the more valuable that content is perceived to be. This is what the broadcasters and movie studios are counting on. That sports fans will appreciate ESPN 3D not only because of the quality programming, technological innovation, and great guts-and-glory stories that are played out, but because the viewers will be participating in new ways. That as the experience of the commercial theaters (where in 2009, 11% of the box office proceeds were for 3D films) translates into homes, people will wear the glasses as their sign of support for the platform and their excitement for movies like Avatar. Consumers commit to be immersed in the game or the story when they put on the glasses. This act of commitment alone can set up the consumer for incredible experiences.

2. Community
Unlike the elementary school student that is the only kid in his class with glasses (and thus the sole recipient of taunts and “four-eyes” teasing), everyone will be wearing 3D glasses. Invite folks over for the game or the latest blockbuster on 3D Blu-Ray® and everyone will join the club. A sense of community will develop. Something akin to school uniforms, no one will feel left out or excluded (unless you don’t have enough glasses to go around: a mistake any gracious host will strive to avoid). Runco includes 6 pairs of the PreciseLight glasses with the projector and additional pairs are available. We also offer specialty glasses like clip-ons, premium metal-frame fashion glasses in a titanium finish, and coming in early 2011, we will have prescription offerings so that you can watch in the utmost comfort with a pair of glasses that are uniquely your own.

1. Quality
The main reason that you should embrace wearing 3D glasses is that the glasses-free 3D approaches are not ready for the home. The most popular autostereo displays require no glasses, but have serious compromises in terms of viewing areas, resolution, and overall image quality. These displays are suitable for some public signage or advertising purposes (which is where you will be seeing them…airports, train stations, shopping malls, etc.), but not for movie or television watching in the home. The compromises are just too great. For instance, in a 9 view lenticular 3D solution, a single 1080p image is carved into 9 viewing zones, each seeing an image that is only 213 pixels (versus 1920). This is a worse resolution than the worst CRT television you may have had in your dorm room at college. So, for the best possible image quality (full resolution and full refresh to each eye) and for the best 3D experience (limited artifacts, ghosting and cross-talk), the 3D glasses are here to stay. If you are going to invest in a new 3D-capable projection system or 3D TV, you should have an incredible experience.

Runco highly recommends projection systems for 3D as they create a more immersive experience. See our 3D eBook for additional evaluation criteria when selecting a 3D display system for your home.

Quandrant Systems Open House to Showcase D-73d 3D Projector

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quadrant Systems Open HouseRunco dealer, Quadrant Systems, will showcase the new Runco 3Dimension Series D-73d 3D projector during their open house Thursday, November 18, from 4PM to 8PM in Portland, Oregon.

Runco's WindowWall™, Crystal Portfolio™ CX-OPAL55 LCD display and VideoXtreme™ VX-22d DLP projector with CineWide™ and AutoScope™ will also be on display during the open house. The evening will feature hors d'oeuvres, beverages and door prizes, and attendees are encouraged to RSVP and arrive early to get a closer look at Runco's custom home theater products.

For more information, visit www.quadrantsystems.net.

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