Impossible in Theory

Thursday, July 14, 2011

By James Wood

“A symptom of the revolution: When we state something is impossible in theory, but then change our minds when we discover that it is possible in practice.” ~ Seth Godin

It’s easy to sit back and say that things are impossible. It’s an excuse to not try. If something’s just not possible then it needs no thought, no action. But the world has been shaped by people who dare to challenge the limits of what’s possible. Heavier than air flight, the light bulb, the four minute mile, and a global computer network are just a few possibilities that were once thought impossible. Nearly every story in the history books is about someone standing toe-to-toe with impossible and wrestling success out of its grasp.

Impossible takes a long time to realize, but before too long it becomes the new standard. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) were first created in 1927, but it wasn’t until the late 60s and early 70s that the technology became inexpensive enough for mass production. But the energy efficient, solid-state light sources were always too dim for anything except indicator lights. It was considered impossible to use them as a significant source of light.

Q-1500 LED projectorBut now LEDs are brighter than ever and keep increasing in brightness all the time. The once dim-bulbs are now at the head of the class in new technologies like the Runco InfiniLight™ LED Projectors. Because LEDs are solid state, they won’t burn out and don’t need to be replaced like typical lamp projectors. They don’t produce the same level of heat because the LEDs are more efficient at turning electricity into light without waste, and with Runco’s image processing, they modulate to match the color and brightness intensity of each frame. That efficiency results in a 70% drop in power consumption over lamp projectors. Just a few years ago all those things would be considered impossible. Not anymore.

The Infinilight technology pioneered by Runco gives not only consistent, bright light over the life of a projector, but the widest range of colors ever seen. Not only is there a myriad of colors, but the colors are accurate to what you’re viewing due to the color calibration that happens automatically every time you power on your Runco projector. Stop worrying about warm up or cool down time. Instead, turn the projector on and off instantly when you want to watch a movie or when you’re ready to leave.

At Runco, the impossible isn’t a barrier but a starting point. Anyone can do what’s always been done. Most people look at the impossible and see it as the place to stop. History makers see a challenge to be overcome and a new standard to be set. Let the home theater revolution begin!

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