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Monday, March 07, 2011

March 7, 2011

By Jennifer B Davis

History of Eye Glass Trends - FrameGeekWhen will we see 3D glasses on this poster? Wait! There are several styles of popular 3D glasses that may already be on this chart (see #26, the Clark Kent). Perhaps the Geordi LaForge classes in the Star Trek series were the futuristic version of active LCD shutter goggles?

Speaking of trends, I saw something this weekend that struck me as strange, but perhaps the start of a trend. A person wearing 3D glasses that they had taken from the theater (with the RealD logo on the side) with the lenses popped out. They were just wearing them about town as a fashion accessory. They were not prescription glasses. They did not need the polarization lenses for the dinner party we attended together, but still she just wore the frames.

Maybe if all the 3D TV manufacturers got together, with RealD and anyone else who is interested in the adoption of 3D technology in the home and had some celebrities wear 3D glasses outside the theater, maybe we could get them to catch on? Maybe we’d hire an army of fresh-faced and hip college students to don the glasses and start a trend.

After all there, are famous people who wear glasses. Johnny Depp, Elton John, and, of course, Groucho Marx. Other celebrities wear glasses as a fashion accessory. I am told that Drew Carey had his vision corrected via laser surgery, but still wears his iconic frames as a fashion accessory. Now that I think about it, Drew’s glasses look at lot like the plastic 3D glasses at the mall Cineplex…so maybe he started the trend.

Luckily for Runco customers, that isn’t their only option. Our PreciseLight glasses are available in a fashionable black plastic frame with a modern style, but we also offer clip-ons for prescription glasses wearers and a stylish, metal-framed premium glasses that are reminiscent of sunglasses. Children’s size glasses are also available. Stay tuned for news about Runco Rx prescription PreciseLight glasses coming later in 2011. All of these work flawlessly and comfortably with the 3Dimension Projectors.

Poster design courtesy of FrameGeek.

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