3D the Way Nature Intended

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

By Jennifer B. Davis

stereopsisWhen we at Runco set about designing a new 3D digital display architecture, we felt it critical to deliver 3D exactly the way that your body was designed to take it in. In other words, we shamelessly stole our architecture from the physiology of stereopsis, or how we humans perceive depth in real life. Over our years in the industry, we had experienced enough bad 3D to know how we didn’t want to do it.

So, let’s explore stereopsis a bit. Your vision system consists of TWO eyes. Those eyes are separated by 2.5” or 65 millimeters and that provides enough contrast to provide two distinct views of the world. Those distinct views of the world travel through your highly tuned optical system to the part of the brain where these images are processed into a perception of depth. A whole system working together to create a realistic and compelling visual 3D experience.

So, we too, present you with two distinct views of the world. In our dual-imaging system, we provide each eye with a full resolution (1080p HD) and full refresh picture show of its own. This delivers flawless video and avoids the pull-down induced judder or other artifacts (like triple-flash in Active 3D) common in other approaches.

D-73d ProjectorJust like your optical system is tuned to transport those images, our imaging system includes filters at the projector, passive (battery free!) glasses, and screen recommendations that deliver crisp and clear video.

Then, just like the brain is critical for the perception of depth in real-life, so we provide our exclusive 3Dimension™ processing solution, which not only can accept and process the wide range of formats that are included in the HDMI 1.4a specifications, including frame-packed HD content, it makes certain that the system maintains precise alignment and sync critical in a dual-imaging system. Also included in this processing package is the latest release of Runco’s award-winning DHD™ scaling, processing, conversion, calibration, and control.

These combine to create something we call Constant Stereoscopic Video™ (CSV) 3D which we, our customers, and the industry has recognized as the most compelling and comfortable 3D available in the market. See it for yourself in showrooms all over the world this Fall. You can read more about how to evaluate 3D technologies in our Enthusiast’s Guide to 3D eBook available for free download.

To summarize, 3D done right works with your body, not against it to create compelling 3D. Our new product the 3Dimension Series D-73d was recently recognized as the CEDIA New Product of the Year and the CE PRO Best Product of the Year.

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