Two New Single-Chip 1080p DLP Projectors Are Added To Runco's Video Xtreme Product Line


Runco launches industry's first THX* video products; readies dealers to take full advantage of the emerging HD DVD and Blu Ray high definition DVD technologies.

Union City, CA - September 2006 - Runco International has again demonstrated its leading position in the high-end home theater video market segment with the addition of two new state-of-the-art 1080p native resolution (1920 x 1080) single-chip projectors to the company's prestigious Video Xtreme™ line.

The new VX-2000d and VX-6000d are the first single-chip 1080p HD video display products to achieve THX certification* and are undergoing final testing to the rigorous standards outlined in the THX Certified Display program. Runco has teamed with THX as the launch licensee for the THX Video Program. The THX program promises that HD and standard definition content will be presented with the correct color, luminance levels and video processing capabilities.

Likely to be familiar to video aficionados for their similarity to Runco's legendary VX-1000d and VX-5000d, the new VX-2000d and VX-6000d models utilize the same footprint and versatile feature set as their best-selling 720p counterparts. Representing the pinnacle in their product category, both models incorporate single-chip DLP™ based light engines engineered and calibrated for the finest video reproduction, and certified to comply with the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF™) exacting standards for excellence in picture quality.

"These projectors are engineered to both Runco and THX's exacting standards for the highest level of video display performance and quality. The result is stunning 1080p imagery that can take full advantage of the emerging HD DVD and Blu Ray high definition DVD technologies recently coming to market. In addition, Runco's careful attention to scaling algorithms also results in the finest reproduction of standard NTSC source material without picture degradation," stated Runco President Bob Hana.

The VX-2000d and VX-6000d incorporate Runco's exclusive O-Path™ technology that efficiently collimates the light path and effectively eliminates stray light. This results in greater light output and dramatically increases contrast ratio, while Runco's RVR™ (Reflectance Volume Regulation) provides the perfect balance of black and white levels.

These engineering achievements are combined with various lens choices, the VX-2000d is available with a standard lens option, and the VX-6000d offers multiple lenses featuring world-class optics including CinOptx™ lens options with a range of different throw distances.  AxiShift™ technology with a motorized horizontal and vertical lens shift system (vertical lens shift only with the VX-2000d) also help resolve even the most challenging projector placement issues.

Both models feature Runco's next generation all digital DHD controller, featuring advanced Vivix II™ processing. This controller produces stunning video imagery, even elevating standard NTSC material to near high definition levels. The DHD provides for a pure digital signal path from input to output, and utilizes the latest HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connections for maximum compatibility with a variety of source components.

Each model is available with Runco's exclusive award- winning CineWide™ and CineWide with AutoScope™ technology. This ground-breaking option can transform a superb home theater system into a true home cinema experience, reproducing 2.35:1 CinemaScope™ movies with unparalleled accuracy and full vertical screen image height, eliminating useless black bars.

MSRP of the VX-2000d is $16,995 and the VX-6000d is $34,995.

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