Runco's VX-2 Projector Series Is Taking Home Cinema To The Xtreme


The new 3-chip DLP™ projectors offer added installation solutions and enhanced video performance.

Union City, CA - Runco International, the world leader in high-end home theater video display technology, has introduced three new projectors to its acclaimed Video Xtreme™ portfolio. Precisely designed and engineered with proprietary technologies, the VX-2 Series, including the VX-2i, VX-2c, and VX-2cd, offer greater flexibility in installation and application, while delivering outstanding video quality for luxury home theaters.

"The Video Xtreme™ VX-2 Projection System Series is a thrilling achievement for Runco," said Bob Hana, president of Runco International. "Our projectors offer discriminating home theater enthusiasts a range of options to match their individual design goals and exceed their performance expectations."

Boasting a 3-chip Digital Light Processing™ (DLP) 16:9 design and featuring SuperOnyx™ DMD technology, each VX-2 Series projector delivers unprecedented clarity, saturation, and contrast in imagery. Housed in a compact chassis, measuring less than 10" high, the VX-2's can easily fit where many 3-chip projectors simply do not. Highly adaptable to restrictive installations and compatible with screens up to 250" wide, each projector offers multiple lens options to complement several room and screen sizes (five zoom lenses and one fixed short-throw for rear screen projection for the VX-2i and VX-2c; four zoom lenses and one fixed short throw for the VX-2dc).

In addition to their like engineering, each of the VX-2 projectors offer unique design elements and technologies for different applications and price points.

  • Video Xtreme™ VX-2i - Viably one the best 3-chip DLP projectors on the market at its price point, the VX-2i features an internally integrated video processor based on ViVix™ Technology. It requires no external processing and uses Runco's own Cinema Standards Measurement System (CSMS™) to achieve a light output of 1,199 Home Theater ANSI Lumens, 52.1 foot-Lamberts (2,500 ANSI Lumens), and a CSMS contrast ratio of 271:1 (3,100:1 ANSI). CSMS incorporates Imaging Science Foundation's (ISF) calibration standards to measure performance. MSRP of the VX-2i is $22,995, but different options can alter price point.
  • Video Xtreme™VX-2c - The world's first projector to include Runco's exclusive new LiveLink™ technology internally, the VX-2c transmits a pure, digital DVI signal up to 75 feet without any degradation of signal quality or bandwidth. The VX-2c features Runco's new ViVix II™ Digital High Definition™ (DHD) Video Controller to provide image processing, scaling, and aspect ratio control, as well as expansive connectivity to guarantee future compatibility and image integrity. VirtualWide™ technology converts 4:3 images to 16:9 screens and requires only a single DVI cable to connect the Controller to the VX-2c projector. MSRP of the VX-2c is $29,995, but different options can alter price point.
  • Video Xtreme™ VX-2dc - The ultimate expression of video fidelity in the series, the VX-2dc incorporates specially produced Digital Cinema optical lenses. Providing significant improvement in edge-to-edge detail and optimal for long throw distances and larger screen applications, Digital Cinema lenses eliminate "prism" effects and color "bending" that might become noticeable with large screen surfaces. MSRP of the VX-2dc is $44,995, but different options can alter price point.

For the ultimate in widescreen home theater reproduction, each VX-2 projector can be outfitted with Runco's proprietary CineWide™ and CineWide™ with AutoScope™ technology, thereby eliminating distracting black bars by displaying movies formatted in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio with increased resolution and brightness and fully utilizing the capability of the DMD chips. Likewise, the AutoScope™ function allows the maximum resolution for both 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios, and can be easily automated by the DHD controller to control the motorized anamorphic lens assembly for simple setup and an improved theater experience.

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Founded in 1987 and acquired by Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR) in 2007, Runco is a market leader in state-of-the-art projection systems, flat-panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the custom consumer market. Runco's innovations, including features that have become essential for the new digital high-definition capable televisions, have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco continues to be a pioneer in the custom video display market.
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