ColourPalette Custom Color Options Tailor Runco Projectors, LCDs and Plasma Displays for Every Room


With a distinctive palette of 13 colors and the ability to custom match to any paint, finish or fabric, Runco’s custom color options combine technology with design to enhance a discerning client’s home.

WESTWEEK 2010, West Hollywood, CA – Runco®, the pioneer and leading brand in luxury home theater video solutions, now offers its ColourPalette™ custom color options on its full product line of home theater projectors*, LCD flat panel displays and its plasma displays.

In an ongoing effort to support Runco’s design and architecture initiative, Runco is offering a palette of 13 distinctive colors as well as a customization program that allows homeowners or their designers to custom match virtually any color sample, including fabric, wallpaper, paint and upholstery. To correspond with the launch, Runco now offers a new visualization tool on www.Runco.com where you can customize and preview a panel or projector in any of Runco’s custom ColourPalette colors. The Runco ColourPalette comes in a high-quality satin finish, with a hand-finished gloss option on some models.

Enhanced product personalization enables designers to embrace technology and use it to complement a discerning customer’s home. “It is easy to see why designers may view display technology as a necessary evil that detracts from their vision for the space, instead of enhancing it. Runco is affording designers new ways to embrace and integrate technology into their designs, and even use it to complement a room’s aesthetic. Our Design by Runco™ initiative to support the architecture and design community through innovative customization options, like ColourPalette, illustrate Runco’s commitment to the successful synthesis of design and technology in the home,” stated Runco VP of Marketing Jennifer Davis.

Runco will offer 13 custom ColourPalette colors which can previewed** on Runco’s website and used to personalize display technology like never before:

• Runco Magic
• Runco True
• Runco Celebrity
• Runco Cool
• Runco Extreme
• Runco Fidelity
• Runco Silver Screen
• Runco Artisan
• Runco Authentic
• Runco Craftsman
• Runco Expert
• Runco Handiwork
• Runco Polish

All Runco products are available exclusively through its trained authorized dealer network comprised of the best custom home theater dealers in the world. To locate a Runco Authorized Dealer to partner with you on the design of a custom solution or learn more about the new custom design tools, visit www.Runco.com.

* Except the LightStyle Series Projectors

**Due to variations in the color space displayed on computer monitors, in print, and on products, Runco highly recommends referencing a color card to ensure accuracy in your color selection.

About Runco

Founded in 1987 and acquired by Planar Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLNR) in 2007, Runco is a market leader in state-of-the-art projection systems, flat-panel plasma monitors, video processors and other components for the custom consumer market. Runco’s innovations have won numerous awards and citations from the world press. Runco continues to be a pioneer in the custom video display market.

Planar Systems, Inc is a global leader of specialty display technology providing hardware and software solutions for the world’s most demanding environments including hospitals, space and military programs, utility and transportation hubs, shopping centers, banks, government agencies, businesses, and home theaters.

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