Decades of Home Theater Excellence

Runco in the 1990s

1990's: A Decade of Leadership

1990: Runco receives the trademark for "Home Theater" in the state of California.

1990: Runco introduces the first high-resolution projector/processor combination.

1991/92: Runco introduces the world's first aspect ratio controller, one of the most significant milestones in the history of Home Theater. The ARC-IV system became the reference system not only for Runco, but the entire video industry.

1993: Runco introduced the CinemaPro 750 projector, LJR I Laser Disc Player, Super IDTV II system and the first 9" CRT projector in home theater history.

1994: Introduced the LJR II Laser Disc Player, the very first Laser Disc player to have Dolby® AC-3 capability, and THX® certification.

1995: Runco partners with Texas Instruments to develop DLP® Technology. Runco announces an alliance with Texas Instruments, becoming the first video projection company in the home theater market to offer products based on TI's revolutionary Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. Runco introduces the IDP-980/SC-3050 video projector/processor and the first ‘double-stacked' projectors; Runco's CinemaWall makes its first appearance in the rear-screen market.

1997: Runco introduces the DTV-852. With its built-in Line Doubler, Runco introduces the first DLP projector, the DLP-100. Runco also brought to market the VX-7, the home theater industry's brightest projector; and the DTV-1000 flagship CRT projector.

1998: Runco releases VX-1 and VX-3 DLP Projectors and first Plasma, PL-42.

1999: Runco introduces the DTV-1100 and DTV-943. Runco improves on its CRT products in 1999 by upgrading its DTV-1000 to the DTV-1100.

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