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Runco QuantumColor Q-750i LED Projector Reviewed

13-Sep-2010: Home Theater Review.com by Andrew Robinson

Q-750iOverall, I found the Q-750i to be a more than capable performer, definitely a leader in its class. More surprising was the fact that I felt that the Q-750i competed favorably and in some cases bested its own, costlier Runco brethren. In terms of color accuracy and saturation I'm not sure it gets better than what I saw projected via the Q-750i. While LED-based projectors take their fair share of knocks for their less-than-perfect black levels compared to traditional LCD or D-ILA projectors, the Q-750i with the right screen proved to be as good and in some cases is actually better than its rivals. 

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Runco Reaffirms its Commitment to Custom Flat Panel Displays

28-Apr-2009: HomeToys.com by Staff

Runco, the leading brand in luxury video solutions, has confirmed its unyielding commitment to deliver premium flat-panel displays to the custom installation industry. In a marketplace where an increasing number of video display manufacturers are exiting the custom flat-panel market in favor of mass market retail or discontinuing their flat panel product lines altogether, Runco remains focused on providing its dealers with the highest-performing luxury video displays for custom application and viewing environment.

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Runco Receives High Honors in CEPro Top 100 Brand Study

31-May-2011: CE Pro by Robert Archer

Runco is proud to announce that it took top honors as the leading brand in the Front Projectors and Video Processors categories of CEPro's Seventh Annual Brand Awareness, Use and Preference Study researched by EH Publishing for the custom electronics market channel.

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Runco Revolutionary LED Cinema Projector Range Hits the UK

17-Nov-2009: A/VEnthusiast.co.uk by Editor

Runco, market leader in luxury video solutions for more than 20 years, has changed the landscape of custom home theatre projection once again with its QuantumColor Series projectors. The revolutionary Q-750i and Q-750d models pair game-changing, energy-saving LED technology with proprietary Runco engineering to create unsurpassed performance and unrivaled customisation. Utilising Runco proprietary InfiniLight, Personal Color Equalizer and Runco Smart Color, Runco has created products that will revolutionise home theatre projection.


Runco Ships $40K VW-100HD In-Wall Projection System

01-Dec-2008: CE Pro by Steve Crowe

Runco is now shipping its VideoWall VW-100HD in-wall projection system that's designed to sit inside walls.

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Runco Ships Expanded Plasma Assortment

28-Jul-2009: Twice by Greg Tarr

 Runco introduced Tuesday a lineup of 1080p plasma monitors, including five CinemaWall and PlasmaWall displays featuring Runco's exclusive OPAL (Optical Path ALignment) technology, and the DHD3 high-performance video processor controller.

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Runco Shows New QuantumColor LED-based Projector

07-Dec-2009: Rave publications by editor

The new Runco QuantumColor Q-750i LED projector is ready to ship. The DLP-based LED 1080p projector is one of the brightest LED projectors on the market for the home (at 700 ANSI lumens). Available with a plethora of optional lenses for ANY home theater install, the advantage of the LED-based projector, so says Runco, is that not only does it only lose only 10 percent of its light output over the life of the projector (projected to be over 20,000 hours), but also that it uses only 140 watts of power.


Runco Stays in Flat Panels

30-Apr-2009: Custom Retailer by Steven Silver

"Runco this week reaffirmed its intention to stay in the flat-panel business, in a market in which such competitors as Pioneer have pulled out either completely or partially."

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Runco Sticking by Plasma Displays

28-Apr-2009: EngadgetHD by Steven Kim

With companies heading for the exits at chez plasma, smaller vendors -- most of whom do not have in-house plasma manufacturing -- are left in a precarious position. In what may well be the waning hours for plasma TVs, high-end brand Runco is staying in the game for one last (high margin, we imagine) round.

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Runco Sticks with Plasmas, LCDs

09-May-2009: Electronic House by Jason Unger

High-performance display manufacturer Runco says it is reaffirming �its unyielding commitment� to high-end plasmas and LCDs, despite manufacturers who have recently dropped TV lines.

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High performance, ultra-short throw projection brings superior viewing in any setting with the LS-100d

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runco is proud to expand its best-selling LightStyle™ Series projectors, with the new LS-100d.  Runco’s LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw lens system delivers a stunning 92-inch diagonal image that fits any home theater setting. This clever industrial design allows incredible installation flexibility with a depth of only 18-inches. The LS-100d mounts flush to the screen wall and can be mounted above, or below the screen.

With Runco’s Infinilight™ lampless LED illumination technology, this projector boasts a 70% power savings and requires little maintenance. The LS-100d ships with Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing to enhance picture quality from standard video sources.

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