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Runco LightStyle LS-5 Projector Review

28-Jun-2011: ProjectorReviews.com by Art Feierman

"If the LS-5 projector is where your budget is happy, it's going to be a great choice. This is the projector that comes from a local dealer that is trained by Runco. Most can take you from an unfinished basement to a fabulous theater with all the trimmings if you want, or just provide the basics. The LightStyle LS-5 will provide an image of rich saturated and accurate colors."

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Runco LightStyle Projectors Recieve Rave Review

14-Oct-2010: Widescreen Review by Terry Paulin

Runco is thrilled to announce a glowing review of it's LightStyle™ LS-3 and LightStyle™ LS-5 projectors from Widescreen Review. With pages of test results on everything from contrast ratio to the color accuracy done with CalMan SpectraCal equipment, WSR boasts:

"Runco has hit it out of the park with this product. One could even worry that they may have cannibalized some high-end business with the extraordinary value proposition offered here. To those who thought the rarified air of high-quality front projection was filled with only products made from unaffordium, think again. To get visibly higher image quality than offered by the LS-5, be prepared to spend four to five times its retail price. Spot-on colorimetry, ruler flat gray scale, high-quality optics, and every "tweak" necessary for an ultimate calibration, and all for less than what we paid for a decent flat panel last year, yields a new high water mark for both performance and value ... ... it does seem like a non-sequitur, doesn't it.”

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Runco LS-10i 3-Chip DLP Projector

25-Jul-2011: Home Theater and High Fidelity by Chris Eberle

With the LS-10i, Runco has produced another winner and receives my highest recommendation.

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Runco LS-10i 3-Chip DLP Projector

29-Aug-2011: Sound and Vision by Geoffrey Morrison

Delivering outstanding image quality on a potentially massive screen.

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Runco LS-5 Review

18-Mar-2010: Secrets of Home Theater by Chris Eberle

"Runco has always been known for its high-end, no-compromise designs. They have been an innovator since day one and their projectors have a stellar reputation. The LS-5 represents a new entry-level model for them. In my opinion they have put out an excellent product that more than deserves the Runco label. Color accuracy is excellent right out of the box. Installation is flexible with its two lens choices and generous shift capability. Light output is more than adequate for a small to medium-sized rooms. Optical quality is top-shelf with a very sharp and precise lens. Build quality is also top-of-the-line and rivals a few more expensive projectors I’ve worked with. The LS-5’s control options are also a cut above most with the inclusion of an IR input; something I’ve seen on no other projector. All in all, I’d say Runco has given the market something to think about. If you’re shopping for a projector in the $5,000-$10,000 range, the LS-5 merits serious consideration. I give it a very high recommendation."  Read the entire article...


Art of Home Theater Reviews the Runco LS-7

25-May-2010: The Art of Home Theater by Art Feierman

No, this won’t be a religious discussion, despite the OMG. It’s been a 4 year struggle to convince Runco to let me review one of their projectors. Oh, I did review the top of the line (at the time) Planar a couple of years ago (the 8150, a single chip), but never a Runco – or Vidikron three chip DLP. In fact, the only 3 chip DLP home theater projector I’ve ever reviewed is the SIM2 C3X several years ago. That was a 720p projector.

Well, guess what? The Runco LS-7 is a three chip, 720p resolution DLP projector. Read the entire review here...


Runco Puts LED Power Into HDTV Front Projectors

09-Sep-2009: BigPictureBigSound by Rachel Cericola

Saving the planet and technology don't really go hand in hand. However, there is a way that you can do your part -- by purchasing more eco-friendly electronics. At CEDIA Expo in Atlanta today, Runco just announced the QuantumColor Series, two new projectors trying to play nice with Mother Nature.


Runco Q-750i Review

21-Apr-2010: Home Entertainment by David Birch-Jones

Summary: In short, Runco has a pair of winners here. They’re premium-priced relative to many other 1080p single-chip front projectors, but are actually priced less than predecessor CRT-powered models that were de rigueur in top-end home theater systems a decade or so ago. With the on-board automatic self-calibration system, owners can be assured of consistent picture quality over a very long operating lifespan. The picture quality itself is typically Runco, which is typically excellent.

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Runco Q750i DLP Projector with LED Illumination

22-Sep-2010: Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity by Chris Eberle

Q750iOften reviews about the newest technologies end with phrases like “shows great promise” or “maybe in a generation or two…” Not so with the Runco Q750i. This projector is a standard-bearer right out of the gate. Its solid build quality speaks to the seriousness of its intent. This is not merely the first try for an LED projector. There is no reason not to consider this real competition for any bulb-based model. Light output is strong with plenty of lumens for a medium-sized theater. Performance and color accuracy is at reference level. With the Q you can have a no-compromise display with color stability and no bulb changes for the life of the product. Plus if you see rainbows with single-chip DLP, you won’t have to incur the considerable expense of a three-chip model since the Q has no color wheel. My take – the next great revolution in projector technology has arrived in the form of the LED. Perhaps bulbs will go the way of the CRT thanks to manufacturers like Runco. The Q750i earns my highest recommendation. 

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Runco QuantumColor Q-750i and Q-750d Projectors

09-Sep-2009: eCoustics by Editor

As the steadfast leader in luxury video solutions for more than 20 years, Runco has shaped the home theater projector market from its infancy. Today, Runco changes the landscape of custom home theater projection once again with the introduction of its QuantumColor Q-750i and Q-750d. The QuantumColor projectors maximize the benefits of Runco's new InfiniLight lampless LED illumination technology and pair it with proprietary engineering breakthroughs to create energy-efficient systems that deliver must-see projection performance.

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Live from the Runco blog

High performance, ultra-short throw projection brings superior viewing in any setting with the LS-100d

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runco is proud to expand its best-selling LightStyle™ Series projectors, with the new LS-100d.  Runco’s LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw lens system delivers a stunning 92-inch diagonal image that fits any home theater setting. This clever industrial design allows incredible installation flexibility with a depth of only 18-inches. The LS-100d mounts flush to the screen wall and can be mounted above, or below the screen.

With Runco’s Infinilight™ lampless LED illumination technology, this projector boasts a 70% power savings and requires little maintenance. The LS-100d ships with Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing to enhance picture quality from standard video sources.

For more info on the Runco LS-100d, click here.

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