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Editor's Picks for EXPO

01-Sep-2009: Residential Systems by Editor

Runco is introducing its Digital High-Definition (DHD 3) external video processor controller, which combines 1080p scaling and processing capabilities with improved compatibility and ease of installation.


Elegantly Nob Hill

01-Feb-2009: Nob Hill Gazette by Editor

The epitome of urban elegance -- with a touch of New York and Paris flavor and sophistication -- this home has been beautifully updated while retaining old-world charm.

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01-Dec-2009: residential Systems by Editor

Runco's renaissance continues with additions to its Crystal Portfolio Series of LCD displays--the CX-42HD, CX-OPAL42, CX-55HD, CX-OPAL55, AND CX-OPAL65--which pair the company's video processing and OPAL (Optical Path Alignment) technology for higher ambient light environments.


Equipment Review

01-Aug-2009: Widescreen Review by Terry Paullin

I don't like in-ceiling loudspeakers. I don't like soundbars. Unless a .38 is leveled at my temple, I won't install a perforated screen (sorry, Tony).

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Exclusive hands-on with Runco's Q-750d LED projector, where colour is redefined

18-Dec-2009: Home Cinema choice.com by Steve May

Runco is the latest high-end projector manufacturer to launch an LED projector. Using a solid state light path and no lamp, the new QuantumColor Q-750d has an indefatigable life span, which promises to make things a lot easier for demanding PJ owners. It's also relatively affordable (at least in the rarefied atmosphere that Runco traditionally operates in) at just under $18K. But can an LED projector with a limited light output compete with high-end DLP, D-ILA and LCD alternatives? After spending some time with it, I would say so.

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Flat-Panel HDTV's

01-Nov-2009: Home Theater by Thomas J. Norton

Step into almost any television showroom, and you'll find three distinct categories of displays; flat panel, rear projection, and front projection.


Go Play Outdoors

01-Jun-2009: Traditional Home by Laura Heller

Summer comes, and the call of outdoor entertaining beckons. But today's good items are more than just burgers on the grill and tunes on the boom box. We lead sophisticated lives complete with chefs' kitchens and home theaters inside, so why not extend it all beyond the four walls?

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Hide and Sweet

01-May-2009: Electronic House by Editor

A dual-viewing setup provides the best of both worlds: traditional high-def viewing on the flat -panel TV and special movie-time viewing on a large projection screen.

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Home Theater: Runco LS-5 DLP Projector

03-May-2010: Home Theater by Shane Buettner

Home Theater ReviewLCOS designs have dominated front projection news and reviews in recent years. But with LED-based DLPs proliferating and the arrival of an excellent lamp-driven projector that’s competitively priced like the Runco LS-5, it’s apparent that DLP ain’t done yet. We don’t know whether 3D projectors will be in the market this fall—or if they’ll be any good. We do know that 3D content will be scarce. In the here and now, the Runco LS-5 projector has no significant weaknesses, offers exceptional out-of-box performance, and is a really strong value. Well done Runco, and highly recommended! Read the entire article


Home Theater Top Picks

01-Oct-2009: Home Theater by Editor

Planar PD8150 DLP Projector, $8,000


Live from the Runco blog

High performance, ultra-short throw projection brings superior viewing in any setting with the LS-100d

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runco is proud to expand its best-selling LightStyle™ Series projectors, with the new LS-100d.  Runco’s LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw lens system delivers a stunning 92-inch diagonal image that fits any home theater setting. This clever industrial design allows incredible installation flexibility with a depth of only 18-inches. The LS-100d mounts flush to the screen wall and can be mounted above, or below the screen.

With Runco’s Infinilight™ lampless LED illumination technology, this projector boasts a 70% power savings and requires little maintenance. The LS-100d ships with Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing to enhance picture quality from standard video sources.

For more info on the Runco LS-100d, click here.

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