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The Home Outside Your Home

01-Jul-2009: Coldwell Banker PORTFOLIO by Ken Weingartner

Imagine floating in the pool, someone rings the doorbell, so you pick up the waterproof remote drifting next to you and change the display on the television to the security camera at the front door.

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The Power of Planning

01-Sep-2009: Electronic House by Lisa Montgomery

Few people who buy a spec home leave it as is.


10 Coolest Tech Gadgets to Seal the Deal

08-May-2012: The Street by Jonathan Blum

The Runco LS-1 projector is included in The Street's top ten list of business sales tech tools. 

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The True Home Theater Experience

01-Oct-2009: E-Gear by Maureen Jenson

It wasn't too long ago that a front projection home theater system meant installing hundreds of pounds of a CRT projector, and spending hours (days?) tweaking it to look good.


The Years Hottest Products Square Off

01-Oct-2009: Custom Retailer by Maureen Jenson & Nancy Klosek

Runco's CineWall CW-95DHD is the world's first 95 inch, HD in-wall display that allows viewers to watch movies filmed in CinemaScope 2.35:1 in high-ambient-light environments.


Trade In and Up

01-Jul-2009: Residential Systems by Jeremy Glowacki

As an industry trade journalist I'm always on the lookout for business and technology trends. Typically three or more occurrences of something will pique my interest and inspire me to start poking around for more information.

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What is Working for Custome Retailers?

01-Mar-2009: CustomRetailer by Robert Ain

Our recent survey on brands and security-related products that CustomRetailer readers are selling was a real eye-opener.

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When Consumers Buy TVs Online

01-Mar-2009: CE Pro by Julie Jacobson

Understandably, I received some hate mail from integrators after I blogged about buying a big-screen TV online

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Who Will (or Won't) be at CEDIA Expo

01-Aug-2009: CE PRO by Tom LeBlanc

CEDIA Expo 2009 will be different from previous Expos -- and not just because the show is returning to Atlanta for the first time since 1997.

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Live from the Runco blog

High performance, ultra-short throw projection brings superior viewing in any setting with the LS-100d

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runco is proud to expand its best-selling LightStyle™ Series projectors, with the new LS-100d.  Runco’s LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw lens system delivers a stunning 92-inch diagonal image that fits any home theater setting. This clever industrial design allows incredible installation flexibility with a depth of only 18-inches. The LS-100d mounts flush to the screen wall and can be mounted above, or below the screen.

With Runco’s Infinilight™ lampless LED illumination technology, this projector boasts a 70% power savings and requires little maintenance. The LS-100d ships with Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing to enhance picture quality from standard video sources.

For more info on the Runco LS-100d, click here.

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