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2010 Buyers Guide

01-Jan-2010: E-Gear by Editor

Runco's LightStyle Series, the LS-3, LS-5 AND LS-7, combines state-of-the-art DLP-based SuperOnyx technology with Runco ConstantContrast and Vivix image enhancement and proprietary video processing to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast, each measuring above 10,000:1.

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50 High-Tech Treats for the Holiday Season

30-Nov-2010: Robb Report by Bailey S. Barnard

Robb Report has announced 50 High-Tech Treats for the Holiday Season including the Runco D-73d 3D projector.

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More on the 3Dimension™ D-73d 3D Projector


Runco Lightstyle LS-5 Projector Review

01-Jun-2011: ProjectorReviews.com by Art Feierman

I really liked the older version when it was a Planar and $3000 more. I like the current version even more.

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Outstanding Product of the Year 2011: Runco LS10D

06-Nov-2011: ProjectorReviews.com by Art Feierman

Before deciding on the Runco LightStyle 10D - the LS10D home theater projector, as our product this year, I looked around, for potential products that we reviewed (two have not been stand alone projectors), I'm usually looking for something that is a little disruptive.

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The Runco LightStyle LS-5 costs a packet, but its performance with HD is glorious

08-Feb-2012: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision by

"The LS-5 has a wonderfully subtle way with colours, combining richness with naturalness in a way rarely seen. Edges are defined with pleasing stability, which helps the projector when it comes to revealing fine detail – like, say, the individual blades of grass on Walt Kowalski's lawn or the subtle shadows on his (always immaculately clean) Ford Gran Torino."

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Review: Runco LightStyle LS-1 in Home Cinema Choice

18-Jun-2012: Home Cinema Choice by John Archer

Home Cinema Choice describes the LightStyle LS-1 projector as excellent picture quality, plenty of calibration tools for your installer, and good value for your money. 


7 Reasons for Optimism - Runco Delivers After All

01-Nov-2009: CE Pro by Tom Leblanc

The road leading up to CEDIA Expo 2009 was windy for Runco.


A First Look at Runco's WindowWall Display

16-Apr-2010: Residential Systems by John Sciacca

The WindowWall’s true beauty lies in its complete flexibility for viewing. Want to watch one giant image that fills all nine panels? Feel like nine separate programs? How about one 92-inch diagonal (four panels) program and five other events? WindowWall’s processing allows owners to always keep up with the action they are most interested in. Read the entire article...


A Real Eye-Opener

09-Jan-2009: Electronic House by Lisa Montgomery

It's hard enough for professional in the home electronics business to keep up with technology. So when consumers start looking at TVs, speakers and Blue-ray players, the options can seem overwhelming.

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A Star is Born

01-May-2009: Electronic House by Arlen Schweiger

Our Home of the Year sits among the Hollywood Hills, where the stars shine as brightly inside the homes as they do in the night sky.

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Live from the Runco blog

High performance, ultra-short throw projection brings superior viewing in any setting with the LS-100d

Friday, September 16, 2011

Runco is proud to expand its best-selling LightStyle™ Series projectors, with the new LS-100d.  Runco’s LS-100d with NEAR (Next generation Extreme Aligned Reflection™) ultra-short throw lens system delivers a stunning 92-inch diagonal image that fits any home theater setting. This clever industrial design allows incredible installation flexibility with a depth of only 18-inches. The LS-100d mounts flush to the screen wall and can be mounted above, or below the screen.

With Runco’s Infinilight™ lampless LED illumination technology, this projector boasts a 70% power savings and requires little maintenance. The LS-100d ships with Runco’s advanced Vivix™ digital video processing to enhance picture quality from standard video sources.

For more info on the Runco LS-100d, click here.

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